17 mars 2010

Angelina Jolie's Wardrobe Few but Good

Not long ago Forbes published the first class highest paid movie star in Hollywood, Angelin Jolie, who recognized revenue 27,000,000 dollars one year.As early as 2001, she already made a consumption plan: proceeds of 1/3 donated  to charity, the other part of 1/3 as a current consumption, the last 1/3 are deposited  in the bank, it must be leave to her children.How to 


Even with one third of the income consumption, this woman rarely spend money on dressing up herself.Treasure from her wardrobe, which is not characterized by its quantity but its quality, makes her appearance each time glittering and moving.How to 


ed hardy uk



Then let’s check Jolie’s private wardrobe together.Gucci black travelling bag matches with Elizabeth & James coat, concise and generous, disclosing the mature and beauty,ed hardy clothing.

The Ella Moss black dress - as long as Jolie is attracted to black, a black Ella Moss dress brings a sand-like tactile feel.Another pair of black sunglasses shows off her elegant temperament to perfection.Overcoat is cole haan, rice white overcoat, regardless of the colour system and the style can be said to classic.

Jolie combines treason with elegance to perfection wearing ed hardy t-shirts which has exquisite embroidery, bold pattern and characteristic design.Always interested in all kinds of tattoos , Jolie find a good outlet for her emotions in Ed hardy.

Ed hard- itself, is also a combination of traditional and fashionable style,at the same time put the traitorous emotions to the clothes.Consequently, the ed hardy shop  has been the most special and distinct collection for many fashionable female celebrities.

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